Spring 2018


A word from our new president.

Dear Sorrento South Property Owners,

Thank you to the Board for appointing me as SSPO President. Also, thank you to past and current Board members who have worked hard for the benefit of us all.

My wife Michele and I moved here last year from Colorado after spending 31 years in the US Air Force. We are full time residents here. As we begin 2018, I want to share a few thoughts with you.

My goal is for us to run a smooth, effective, efficient and transparent HOA. We all want Sorrento South to continue to be a happy and beautiful place to live. As members of Sorrento South Property Owners (SSPO), we recognize that there are a few simple rules (our covenants) that we have to follow. As Board members, we have a few more (Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation) to follow.

That’s about it, in my view.

All the rules are available on our Website for everyone to review and respect. The less SSPO HOA involvement in homeowners' lives, the better. And vise-versa. As a Board, we will continue to be open, honest, and as unobtrusive as possible to our members. Working with Brian and Sunstate
Management to achieve these goals will be your Board’s mission.

Please take the time to participate in your community. Your board meets at the clubhouse the second Tuesday each month at 6:00 pm. I look forward to meeting you there.

Regards, Courtney Collier

Why have an association?

Home owners associations are one of the main factors in helping to protect property values by maintaining a set of covenants applicable to all property owners. Associations offer a sense of community and are involved in sharing information on how to protect property owners from the increasing rise in thefts. In this manner, the nature of the community remains as a constant and valuable asset. Prospective buyers looking at a house also evaluate neighboring properties and the community as a whole. Any member of the association not following the covenants as required may be harming other members in the process of selling their houses and in addition making the living conditions for current members less than ideal.

Thanks to so many of our neighbors who are helping to improve the appearance of our community. A clean roof and driveway, along with a well maintained lawn and landscaping, keep our Sorrento South neighborhood a desirable place to live and buy.

Board Meetings

The board of directors normally meets the second Tuesday of every month at 6 pm in the clubhouse. The agenda including the date and time for the meeting is posted 48 hours in advance at the front entrance to the clubhouse. Signs are usually posted at the entrances to Sorrento South one or two days before the meeting or in case the date or hour of the meeting is changed. The board is considering not meeting during June, July and August, but that decision has yet to be made by the board. If anyone would like to attend a board or annual meeting and needs a ride, feel free to call any board member and WE’LL GET YOU THERE!

New Community Members

We are happy to welcome our new neighbors:
Todd and Amanda Miles 486 Bellini Circle 02/03/17
Loren Lacy 2301 Goya Drive 03/07/17
Court and Michelle Collier 407 Bellini Circle 04/13/17
Emily and Paula Cunningham 2308 Goya Drive 05/09/17
Edward & Marilynn Bielen 451 Picasso Drive 08/30/17
David and Lenore Law 420 Picasso Drive 09/20/17
Kenton & Gayla Montegna  209 Cavallini Drive 09/21/17
Susan Taulbee 150 Lychee Road 09/22/17
Darren & Emma Dell 423 Bellini Circle 09/29/17
George & Kimberly Smith 112 Cavallini Drive 11/03/17

Congratulations to the Peterson family of 2317 Goya Drive. Christy and Eric welcomed the arrival of 8lb. 9oz. Grant Wilder on January 24, 2018. Grant already has a playmate, big brother Cole Danger, age 3.


Births, graduations, special anniversaries, etc. are all happy news to share with your neighbors. If you would like to share this news, please contact a board member.

We also ask to be made aware of the death of any resident or family member.

Useful Information For New Members:

Please visit our website to see all relevant documents of the association at:

Garbage, yard waste, recyclable and bulk items disposal:

https://www.scgov.net/government/utilities-water/solid-waste/trash-and-recycling. and

Yard irrigation: http://www.4sarasota.com/water.html.


For the safety of your pet, please remember to always walk your dog on a leash, and keep your dog on your property to avoid a car accident.




Come and join your neighbors for brunch on April 14 from 9:30 to noon at our Sorrento South Clubhouse. Coffee, donuts, and more will be served.

In Memoriam

We would like to extend our deepest sympathies to our neighbors who have lost family members:

Patrick Calkins, 404 Picasso Dr, a neighbor since 1995, passed away in January 2018. We extend our condolences to his daughter, Cami.

Phares Rutt passed away last year. He lived at 429 Murillo Dr with his wife Ruth to whom we extend our sympathies.



The 2018 Sorrento South Phone Directory will be e-mailed to all members with an e-mail address on record with the association. The Phone Directory will be mailed to members for whom we have no e-mail address.

Article 11.07 of our Sorrento Covenants states in part: “It is each Owner’s responsibility to notify the Association of all contact information and any change in mailing address.” The board would appreciate it if homeowners would provide an e-mail address, telephone number and, if appropriate, out-of-state address and phone number. It is important that SunState be made aware of any change(s) in this contact information. E-mail addresses are not shared.

Neighborhood Watch

To report a fire, a medical emergency or a crime in progress, dial 911.

“SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING” to report suspicious activity or a crime committed, dial 941-316-1201 or 941-861-5800 to reach the Sheriff Department of Sarasota County.


We hope everyone has a pleasant and safe Spring and Summer!